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Q&A with Ray Panthaki

This week’s judge, Ray Panthaki, is a force on both sides of the lens. A regular in ITV hit Marcella, he’ll next be seen on the big screen opposite Keira Knightley in Colette. He’s also a filmmaker himself, producing – among others – the te... Read more

Q&A with Justine Hart

This week’s judge, Justine Hart, honed her expertise in screenwriting and story as she worked with The Script Factory from 2002 until 2013, developing training courses for emerging screenwriters and script developers. She is now a professional scre... Read more

Q&A with Toyah Willcox

Our first judge has been a fixture of music and movies for more than thirty years, forever staying relevant and daring, from her early turn in the iconic Quadrophenia to a recent turn in the avante garde feature film Aaaaaaaah! – along with acclaim... Read more

What is a Film Pitch?

Pitching is a process you’ll come across often in film making, so it’s a valuable skill to learn but you may be unsure what to expect from a pitch. All of our finalists will have to pitch, but even if you are inexperienced in this area, it’s w... Read more

Lucy Scher

We are so sad that Lucy Scher, much loved founder of The Script Factory and long time judge and friend to The Pitch, has died aged 53. Read more