Other Funded Projects

Each year there can be only one winner of The Pitch – the entrant the judges decide has the most compelling or entertaining take on the source material. But there are always strong contenders among the finalists and sometimes we are able to help with the development and production of other Pitch entrants.

This might be in the form of script development (with notes from story experts and other filmmakers) or through a contribution to the production funds.

To find out more about films where The Pitch and Reel Issues Films has been able to help, as well as read what the filmmakers have to say about the process, click through below.


Finalist, 2016

Inspired by the story of the prodigal son in Luke chapter 15, writer/director Christian Kinde tells the story of a daughter rebelling against her father but then trying to make it home.

Runner up, 2015

Inspired by Cain and Abel, writer/director Paris Zarcilla crafted a compelling story set in the world of gymnastics. It won Best Short at the 2018 British Independent Film Awards.


Runner up, 2015

Emerging screenwriter Hannah Lee took a tale of jealously and betrayal in Genesis and spun it into a story of surrogacy and asylum. Never Let Me Go director Mark Romanek said the film was “superbly done”, while The Guardian’s film critic Peter Bradshaw hailed it as “excellent!”.


Runner up, 2014

Writer/director Kelly Holmes took 2 Kings and told a story of hope and sacrifice amid the horrors of World War One in this arresting and moving film.


Runner up, 2013

Writer/director Alex Marx set the story of Salome, daughter of Herod, in the 1960s East End, in a tense crime drama.