The determination of writer/director Kelly Holmes to make Attrition was utterly inspiring. Having made it to the final three in The Pitch 2014, she didn’t stop there but worked to  engage producers Anne Beresford (Artemisia Films) and Charles Paviot (Arts Premiers) and secured support from Creative England and France Télévisions, which financed the project alongside a contribution from The Pitch.

What is Attrition about?

A young soldier in World War One discovers he has mysterious powers that can save others – but maybe not himself.

What is it based on?

Inspired by the book of 2 Kings, with its story of divided kingdoms and brutal violence (such as the blinding of the Syrian army in chapter 6, verse 18).  

Where can I watch it?

Attrition has shown on national television in France but is not yet available online. When it is we’ll post it here. Here’s the trailer.

Here is the original video pitch for Attrition:

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