Terms and Conditions

These pages are the terms and conditions (duh!) for The Pitch Film Fund (TPFF). It is boring but necessary. It may seem dull, but, like lettuce, or the book of Leviticus, there are some gems to uncover. Or eat! 

Reading the Ts&Cs is just part of preparing yourself for making a submission to The Pitch. Do look across the whole website where, amongst other things, there’s inspiration, ideas, videos and other resources to help you into the world of The Pitch in anticipation of preparing your entry.

During the submission process you’ll be asked to acknowledge, section by section, that you have ‘read and understood’ the Ts&Cs; so - noting that the Fund’s rules are updated annually - grab yourself a comfy seat, a drink and a snack and read through the following rules.


Got questions?
By necessity, some of what follows is written in legal-speak, BUT we want these Ts&Cs to be crystal clear for you. So, if you’re unsure what something means while reading, drop us an email to ask for more info. As they say, the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. So, as you embark on reading and absorbing the Ts&Cs, keep in mind, ‘It’s what you do right now that makes a difference.’ (‘Struecker’, Black Hawk Down). If you have questions, you know what to do.

The first thing to note is that The Pitch Film Fund is a project supported by a number of businesses and trusts and promoted by Bible Society, which is a registered charity (details per end of the Ts&Cs).

If you want to know why The Pitch Film Fund focuses on the Bible then check out the handily titled Why the Bible? page. 

Anyway, onwards ...

The Small Print

The following are non-negotiable requirements of entry. By completing and submitting an official Entry Form (during the submission process), The Pitcher is agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. The Pitch Film Fund reserves the right to amend and alter these rules (‘Change(s)’). TPFF will give 7 days notice of such Change(s), if any. Pitchers shall have the right to withdraw their submission to TPFF in the event they don’t agree with the Change(s), such request to withdraw to be made in writing and within 10 workings days of notification of the Change(s).

  1. 1. Definitions

    The following definitions shall apply in these rules:
    1. ‘Career Development’ = as set out in these Ts&Cs;
    2. ‘Clearances’ = collectively, as described in these rules, written clearances and permissions obtained by the Pitcher relating to Component(s), material(s), locations, actors and the like, such as are included within and relevant to the Pitcher’s video Pitch;
    3. ‘Component(s)’ =  elements such as but not limited to music, video/film, photographs, artwork, or similar;
    4. ‘Essential Additional Element(s)’ = an essential element of a Pitcher’s submission which is required to be fully complied with and/or completed in order to validate their submission. The absence or incomplete nature of any one or more Essential Additional Element(s), as detailed in these Ts&Cs and the Briefing, will invalidate the Pitcher’s submission. Please note: this highlighting does not mean that any/all other aspects of these rules, the Pitch Briefing and TPFF submission process are optional or not essential;
    5. ‘Finalist(s)’ = one, more or all of the ten highest placed Pitchers as determined through the Selection Process;
    6. ‘Finalists’ Weekend’ and ‘Finalists’ Development Residential’ = as set out here;
    7. ‘Investment’ = benefit received by the Recipient(s) from The Pitch Film Fund, as fully set out in the section describing the ‘Investment’ in these Ts&Cs;
    8. ‘Investment Agreement’ = the contract between Reel Issues Films and the Recipient relating to Investment in the Short Film;
    9. ‘Pitch’ (and ‘Pitches’) = a video pitch, of no more than two minutes, for a Short Film, submitted to The Pitch Website and accompanied by an official Entry Form completed in full;
    10. ‘Pitch Briefing’ & ‘Briefing’ = the first stage of the formal submission process.
    11. ’The Pitch Film Fund’/‘the Fund’/’TPFF’/ (also informally ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’) = one and the same as Reel Issues Films, the element of Bible Society responsible for producing the films we fund;
    12. ‘The Pitch Team’ = the individuals organising, representing and administering The Pitch Film Fund;
    13. ‘The Pitch Website’ = the website located at www.enterthepitch.com;
    14. ‘Pitcher’ (also informally ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘their’) = a person submitting a Pitch;
    15. ‘Recipient(s)’ & ‘Investment Recipient(s)’ = Pitcher(s) chosen by the judges, through the Selection Process, and specifically during the Finalists’ Weekend, to receive the Investment;
    16. ‘Selection Process’ = as set out in the Briefing; and
    17. ‘Short Film’ = a scripted short film or films (up to a maximum of 10 minutes including credits) derived from a Recipient’s original two-minute Pitch, based on or inspired by the Bible.
  2. 2. Content of a Pitch

    1. A Pitch must clearly demonstrate, both with its video and accompanying written elements, that the underlying source material is Biblical;
    2. In preparing an idea and a Pitch, the Pitcher must take into account the premise and nature of their proposed Short Film – and the way they are seeking to tell it – such that the finished Short Film would achieve a certification of no more than a 12A, be no longer than 10 minutes including credits, be an original work and comply with all other requirements as set out in The Pitch Briefing and within these Ts&Cs;
    3. As set out in the Briefing, Pitches must not be in the form of a so-called ‘sizzle reel’ or ‘rippo’, or similar format which is created from third party/copyrighted material (ie video/clips/stills etc) edited together to create a video/audio mood board Pitch. For the avoidance of doubt, a Pitch that includes work owned by a third party or parties under the Pitcher’s defence of ‘caricature’, ‘parody’ or ‘pastiche’ is also not acceptable;
    4. An Entry Form, completed in full, must accompany each submission. Pitches not accompanied by an official Entry Form, or by an incomplete Entry Form, will not be considered;
    5. Any Pitch in excess of two minutes shall be automatically disqualified;
    6. Submissions must be made in English or use English subtitles; and
    7. Any content that is deemed, at the absolute discretion of The Pitch Team, to be blasphemous, offensive, pornographic, defamatory or obscene, or in any other way against the spirit of TPFF, will be disqualified.
  3. 3. Eligibility

    1. Only one Pitch per Pitcher may be submitted;
    2. If so desired, Pitchers may work in small teams to jointly develop a Pitch, or more than one Pitch, but, if selected, only one person, per team, per selected Pitch will be invited to attend the Finalists’ Weekend and Finalists’ Development Residential. Teams must nominate the individual at the time of entry (ie that being the person whose name a submission is in);
    3. TPFF is open to filmmakers eligible to work in the UK. All Pitchers, including those who are not UK residents (or currently residing in the UK), must be able to attend in person the Finalists’ Weekend (see here for full details) and the Finalists’ Development Residential (details). It is the responsibility of a non-UK-resident Pitcher to meet all costs of travel and accommodation, and the like, and to arrange all necessary visa requirements (if required) resulting from participation in TPFF;
    4. Previous Pitchers may submit to The Pitch Film Fund, but no Pitch previously submitted to TPFF will be re-considered;
    5. Pitchers must be aged 18 or over as of the final submission date;
    6. Employees of The Pitch Film Fund and members of their immediate families (including any live-in partner) are ineligible to enter. Any such entries will be invalid;
    7. Pitchers must be able to attend the Finalists’ Weekend and the Finalists’ Development Residential should their Pitch be shortlisted;
    8. No Pitch submitted after the final submission date will be considered;
    9. The Recipient(s) must be available to make their Short Film(s) in the six months immediately following the Finalists’ Weekend;
    10. In the context of the Career Development, Pitchers must be able to travel internationally if required;
    11. A Pitch that is not in violation of these rules but is deemed by The Pitch Film Fund, at its sole discretion, to contain content that may be unsuitable for minors, will require age verification prior to viewing on The Pitch Website; and
    12. Any right to disqualify a Pitch, as set out in these Ts&Cs, may be exercised at the sole discretion of The Pitch Film Fund, any such disqualification being final and binding.
  4. 4. Format

    1. The Pitcher is responsible for ensuring that their Pitch is uploaded to The Pitch Website in accordance with the content, formatting and similar requirements as set out in these Ts&Cs and elsewhere on The Pitch Website; and
    2. All Pitches must be filmed landscape and in 16:9 screen ratio.
      Please see the FAQ page for more information about technical specifications and uploading a video Pitch.
  5. 5. Ownership

    All about … Ownership and Origin of a Pitch:

    1. The Pitcher must be at least one of the producer, director, writer, or creator of their Pitch;
    2. Pitches may only contain music, video, photographs, artwork, or similar such Component(s), that have been created by the Pitcher (or that are clearly demonstrable by the Pitcher as ‘royalty free’/’public domain’);
    3. In the highly unlikely (and ill-advised) event a Pitch includes any third-party-owned item(s) (including without limitation, any Component(s), trademarks or other copyrighted material(s)) the Pitcher must have a valid and subsisting licence for use of the same in perpetuity (ie the person(s) or company that owns the copyrighted Component(s)/material(s) has given the Pitcher their permission in writing to use the Component(s)/materials in the Pitch for ever);
    4. As an Essential Additional Element, it is the sole responsibility of the Pitcher to obtain permission(s) for any such aforementioned Component(s)/material(s) prior to submitting their Pitch, and evidence of such permission(s) must be made available by the Pitcher to The Pitch Film Fund as and when requested. If there is any doubt in relation to permissions and clearances having been obtained by the Pitcher, The Pitch Team will take all reasonable steps to clarify the situation with the Pitcher but may disqualify the Pitch at any stage of the Selection Process and at The Pitch Team’s sole discretion;
    5. As an Essential Additional Element, in further relation to the content of the Pitcher’s video Pitch, the Pitcher must ensure that i) all locations (if any used) have been approved for use by the legal owner of the location and ii) written permission has been obtained from all actors or other individuals shown in the video that are not the Pitcher for their appearance in the video and its use as a Pitch, and that such approval and permission has been granted for use within the video in perpetuity, without further remuneration;
    6. A submitted Pitch shall not have been previously broadcast, transmitted or commercially distributed in any form prior to its submission to The Pitch Website, nor shall a submitted Pitch have previously received any awards, accolades or support from any other fund, competition, broadcaster or similar;
    7. If a Pitch is selected by TPFF as ‘In Consideration’, The Pitch Film Fund shall have the exclusive right (subject to the following paragraph) to upload, post, transmit, display and broadcast the submitted Pitch over the internet on The Pitch Website, or otherwise, for a period of two years following the submission of the uploaded Pitch. During the exclusive period, all Pitchers shall use reasonable efforts to prevent any posting, transmission, display or broadcast of the submitted Pitch over the internet, including without limitation via YouTube and similar websites without the express written consent of The Pitch Team. TPFF reserves the right to broadcast or display all submitted Pitches on other websites at its sole discretion;
    8. Following the exclusive period, above, the Pitcher hereby grants The Pitch Film Fund a royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide licence in the submitted Pitch, in perpetuity, for the life of copyright, to exhibit, broadcast, transmit, display, distribute, reproduce in copies, couple with other Pitches, synchronise and otherwise perform the submitted Pitch;

      Ownership - further provisions:

    9. The Pitcher must be the originator/owner of the rights to their Pitch;
    10. A Pitch and/or associated Short Film premise (‘Premise’; and together ‘Pitch/Premise’) must not be currently under consideration by another production company, investor, development consortium or similar;
    11. The Pitcher must not have sold, conveyed, granted or assigned any right, title or interest in their Pitch/Premise and the Pitcher guarantees there are no legal encumbrances on the submitted Pitch/Premise of any kind, and that the Pitcher is not subject to, nor is Pitcher aware of any matters, facts or circumstances which could lead to any claims, proceedings or litigation or other allegation of infringement, in respect of their Pitch/Premise;
    12. The Pitcher must own all title right and interest in the submitted Pitch/Premise, including, without limitation, the worldwide copyright in their Pitch/Premise and any and all extensions and renewals of that copyright. A Pitch/Premise must be an original work which does not infringe on the rights of any third party person, firm or company;
    13. All rights in and to the Short Film(s) made by the Investment Recipient(s) will be wholly owned by The Pitch Film Fund;
    14. The Finalists participate in the Finalists' Weekend, the Finalists’ Development Residential and various story and career development opportunities, with input, support and mentoring from industry professionals offered by The Pitch Film Fund to the Finalists. In consideration of the same, those Finalists (who are not selected as the Recipient(s)) grant to The Pitch Film Fund, for a period of twelve (12) months, the exclusive first refusal to develop and produce, in conjunction with the Finalist, a film based on or inspired by the Finalist’s Pitch (‘First Refusal’). For the avoidance of doubt, i) there shall not be any obligation on the part of The Pitch Film Fund to develop or produce such a First Refusal film (as descried above), and ii) the First Refusal period shall expire twelve (12) months from the date of the final day of the Finalists' Weekend;
    15. In the event a Finalist (other than the Recipient(s)) wishes to develop their Pitch with another party within the 12 month period of the First Refusal, as above, a hard copy request detailing the same should be sent by ‘signed for’ delivery to The Pitch Film Fund. TPFF shall have ten (10) working days from acknowledged receipt of such a written request from the Finalist in which to either agree to the request or for TPFF to undertake to develop the Finalist’s Pitch. After 10 working days, should the Finalist have received no response from The Pitch Film Fund, then release from the First Refusal shall be deemed to have been given by The Pitch Film Fund and the Finalist shall be free to develop their Pitch with another party, subject only to the following; and
    16. The Finalist(s) undertakes to ensure that production of any film, drama, series or the like, which is based on or inspired by their Pitch, whether such endeavour is produced with The Pitch Film Fund or by a third party, shall include a credit in its closing credits, 'Developed from an original idea for The Pitch Film Fund – www.enterthepitch.com' or similar wording to be agreed in good faith between The Pitch Film Fund and the Finalist(s).
  6. 6. ’Prevention of Bullying, Harassment and Racism in the Screen Industries’

    1. Reel Issues Films and Supporters of The Pitch Film Fund are committed to playing their part in seeking to eradicate anti-social behaviour in the film and television industries. They do not tolerate bullying and/or harassment, racism or any other forms of discrimination. Pitchers agree that they will not commit or participate in any act of bullying, harassment, racism or victimisation - such as those terms are described in the BFI/BAFTA ‘Guidance: A practical workplace guide for the prevention of bullying, harassment and racism in the screen industries’ (the ‘Guidance’) - at any point in the Selection Process and, if selected as an Investment Recipient, at any point during production of the Recipient’s Short Film (together with the Selection Process, ’TPFF Term‘). A Pitcher chosen as a Finalist will be required to confirm that they have read in full and will follow the Guidance during each and any stage(s) of TPFF Term in which they are involved.  Pitchers understand and acknowledge that failure to follow the Guidance will be considered a material breach of these Ts&Cs which will result in the Pitcher’s disqualification. In the case of the Pitcher’s selection as an Investment Recipient, failure to follow the Guidance will be considered a material breach of the terms of the Investment Agreement and will, under the provisions of such Agreement, result in immediate termination of the Investment Agreement and withdrawal of the Investment.
  7. 7. You Helping Us To Help You – Declaration

    1. The Pitch Film Fund relies on the support of its sponsors and financiers, and representatives thereof (collectively ‘Supporters’), many of whom are charities with required codes of operation and conduct. As such, The Pitch Film Fund needs to retain the right during the Selection Process, and during development, production and post production of the Short Film(s) (‘Production’), to reflect the focus, heart and priorities of The Pitch Film Fund and the Supporters in decisions made by The Pitch Team and in relation to the content of the Short Film(s);
    2. The Pitch Film Fund may disqualify a Pitch at any point in the Selection Process and/or Production if The Pitch Team or Supporters become aware of any fact, matter or allegation concerning either a Pitcher or a Pitch that brings or might bring The Pitch Film Fund, any member of The Pitch Team, Reel Issues Films or any of the Supporters into disrepute in any way;
    3. In all aspects of TPFF and the Selection Process and Production thereof, The Pitch Team work closely with Pitchers, the Supporters, cast, crew and the like, to ensure that the safeguarding of under 18s and vulnerable adults is given due and proper priority and prominence.
    4. In light of previous clauses in this You Helping Us To Help You – Declaration section, during the submission process the Pitcher will be asked to declare if there are any Issue(s) that the Pitcher thinks may impact the Pitcher’s full participation in the Selection Process of The Pitch Film Fund and/or Production (if selected as a Recipient), or hinder The Pitch Film Fund and Supporters being able to fully engage with the Pitcher should they be selected as a Finalist or Investment Recipient (for example, a criminal conviction/caution, an allegation of bullying/abusive behaviour, etc);
    5. To be clear: if a Pitcher makes such a declaration during their submission, this will not automatically disqualify the Pitcher from participating. The Pitch Team and Supporters believe in second chances. This is about being informed, upfront discussion, avoiding surprises, and The Pitch Film Fund seeking to help Pitchers take next steps;
    6. If a Pitcher has anything to declare in regard to the above, they will be asked to make a detailed written declaration of the same. If an Issue(s) is not declared, but is subsequently brought to the attention of The Pitch Film Fund or Supporters, then The Pitch reserves the right to disqualify a Pitcher/Recipient for failing to disclose the Issue(s); and
    7. If a Pitcher is at all unsure about the need to declare any matter, above, then, in confidence, and prior to completing a submission to TPFF, a Pitcher should contact The Pitch Film Fund Producer Luke Walton here, providing a daytime telephone number and name to enable a discussion by phone.
  8. 8. Miscellaneous

    1. The Pitch Film Fund shall have the right to record and broadcast, or otherwise disseminate as it so desires, any aspect of TPFF and the Pitchers’ participation in it; and
    2. During the Briefing a Pitcher is asked to complete TPFF’s Equality Monitoring Form (EMF). Although completing the EMF is an Essential Additional Element of a submission, the answers a Pitcher gives will be anonymous. A Pitch and a Pitcher’s EMF answers will never be seen side by side by The Pitch Team; so whatever a Pitcher says on the EMF won’t impact the Pitcher’s progress in The Pitch Selection Process.
  9. 9. Investment

    1. The Investment Recipient(s) will receive financial investment from The Pitch Film Fund (ie a budget, administered by The Pitch Team) for production of the Recipient’s Short Film;
    2. The total financial investment made by The Pitch Film Fund in a Recipient’s Short Film will be determined by the judges and The Pitch Team during the Finalists’ Weekend, or shortly thereafter. The value of such financial investment, and the number of Short Films invested in by The Pitch Film Fund, shall be determined at the sole discretion of The Pitch Team;
    3. During the process of development, production, post production and exhibition of the Recipient’s Short Film, the Recipient(s) will receive mentoring from The Pitch Team, story and script development support, and will work with The Pitch Team film industry Producers and consultants and other industry professionals;
    4. At the discretion of The Pitch Team the Recipient(s) may receive the Career Development opportunities set out below; and
    5. The Investment is not transferable. No cash or credit alternatives will be offered.
  10. 10. Recipient’s Production Role

    1. No matter the previous experience and background of a Pitcher, all Pitchers should have a vision for their ambition and future role in the industry;
    2. During the Selection Process and Production, and particularly during the Finalists’ Weekend, The Pitch Team and judges will work closely with the Recipient(s) to determine the most appropriate role for the Recipient(s) in the production of the Recipient’s Short Film;
    3. It is important to note that The Pitch Film Fund is about opportunity, recognising talent, supporting next steps at all stages, helping filmmakers to develop their ‘voice’, and celebrating ‘promise’ that burns in first-time and less experienced filmmakers;
    4. The Pitch Team will seek to build and develop a crew and cast around the Recipient(s) in a way that best supports and develops the gifts, talents and ambition of the Recipient(s); and
    5. Relating to the Recipient’s Production Role, in all respects the decision of The Pitch Team will be final.
  11. 11. Career Development

    1. TPFF seeks to tailor opportunities for Career Development to best suit the Recipient’s needs, the stage they’re at in their career, the Recipient’s ambition and trajectory, what will best serve the Recipient’s Short Film, and other similar contributing factors. In addition to the support in developing and producing the Recipient’s Short Film, some examples of what the Career Development could include (subject always to available finance) are:
      1. TPFF seeking the opportunity for the Recipient(s) to meet industry professionals for advice and feedback on the Recipient’s Short Film;
      2. The Recipient(s) attending key film festival(s) in which the Recipient’s Short Film is being screened and/or which is useful for networking;
      3. Support from The Pitch Team in relation to submission of the Recipient’s Short Film into festivals and the like, including, in partnership with The Pitch Film Fund, exploring all opportunities for exhibition and exploitation of the Recipient’s Short Film;
      4. Support from The Pitch Team in relation to career next steps, including seeking advice on agent representation for the Recipient(s); and
      5. In previous years, the Career Development has involved international travel. Although this is not currently an expected element of the Career Development, in accordance with the terms of Eligibility of entry (as set out in these Ts&Cs), Pitchers must be able to travel internationally if required.
      …but because TPFF aims to tailor-make the Career Development for the Recipient(s), the above is not an exhaustive list nor are any elements guaranteed.
  12. 12. Jurisdiction

    1. These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

If you have a query about these Terms and Conditions please email info@enterthepitch.com

As mentioned right back at the top of these Ts&Cs, The Pitch Film Fund is promoted by The British and Foreign Bible Society (‘Bible Society’), charity number 232759, Stonehill Green, Westlea, Swindon SN5 7DG.

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