The Pitch Film Fund strives to be a supportive and encouraging environment for all participants and to uphold the highest standards of professional and personal behaviour.

We stand against bullying, harassment, racism or discrimination and are seeking to make the film industry a fairer place for all.

We welcome all feedback, both good and bad, as an opportunity to identify how we can improve. If you have any feedback – either regarding your experience entering The Pitch, or working on one of our winning films – then please contact the team.

We aim to provide the highest standard of service at all times. But we realise that things do go wrong from time to time, in which case you may want to make a formal complaint. To make a complaint about The Pitch Film Fund – staff, consultants or volunteers – please contact: [email protected]

At this stage your complaint will be reviewed internally by the core members of the team to see if it can be quickly and fairly resolved. 

If they decide that it can’t, or you’re unhappy with the outcome of their review, your complaint can be escalated to ‘Stage 2’. The primary financial backer of The Pitch Film Fund is the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS), a registered charity, and you can ask for an investigation independent of The Pitch Film Fund by the BFBS Head of Supporter Services.

If you would rather not go via The Pitch team at all, you can contact Bible Society directly and ask to go straight to Stage 2. 

If you’re unhappy with the Bible Society response to your complaint, you can contact the Charity Commission for further guidance.

The Film and TV Charity has advice and resources on how to deal with bullying, while you may also want to read the BFI’s principles and guidance

You may also wish to use Spot, which enables you to easily and anonymously record experiences and organise your thoughts in a confidential system.

Obviously we hope none of the above is necessary, but we encourage everyone to speak out if they believe there’s a problem, as we strive to make The Pitch Film Fund as equitable and enjoyable an organisation as possible.