Past films

Trailer for 'The Widow’s Last' (The Pitch 2015 Winner)

Set in Ireland, during the third year of The Great Hunger, The Widow’s Last tells the story of Kathryn Healy, a hardened widow who fights to keep her young son alive during one of the darkest times in human history.

Starving from lack of food and with her son stricken by fever she stumbles across an English landlord, wounded and himself on the edge of death. This encounter with the enemy sets her on an unexpected path where she is forced to confront her own inhumanity and make choices…

Can she find it within herself to help a man she considers the enemy? Then faced with a neighbor bent on vengeance against the English, can she hold to her newfound convictions without putting herself and her son in further danger? And will the choices she makes lead to destruction or might they ultimately save her?

With her debut short, director Vanessa Perdriau has produced a powerful, moving film that examines the nature of our humanity, anchored by outstanding performances. At its core, this is a profound story of forgiveness, sacrifice and redemption, poised to keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.

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Trailer for 'Promise' - formerly Hagar (The Pitch 2015 Runner Up)

Promise is about a Syrian refugee who can only stay in Britain if she becomes a surrogate mother for a desperate couple, but their illicit pact has dark consequences...

It’s a timely film inspired by an ancient story, as the idea came from Genesis, chapter 16: ‘Now Sarah, Abraham’s wife, had born him no children. But she had an Egyptian slave named Hagar, so she said to Abraham, “The Lord has kept me from having children. Go, sleep with my slave; perhaps I can build a family through her.”’ “I wanted to explore the psychological gaps in the biblical text,” says writer Hannah Lee, “specifically the impact on the female characters.

How did Sarah feel about being childless? And how did Hagar feel about handing over her body and her baby to this couple? I wanted the screenplay to explore the emotional conflicts in this unusual family set up.” Lee’s pitch finished in the top three of the 2016 competition and Nev Pierce – an award-winning filmmaker and contributing editor to Empire magazine, who was on the judging panel – was so struck by her take on the story he offered to direct it. The film soon assembled a terrific cast, including Rebecca Callard (Fearless), Nabil Elouahabi (The Night Of) and rising newcomer Lara Sawalha.

Trailer for 'Only Child' (The Pitch 2014 Winner)

Eva lives as an outsider within the gypsy community, stranded between her workaholic husband Yuri, and the affections of gypsy leader, Davro. But their secret affair is threatened by the discovery that Eva is pregnant...

Only Child is a brooding and poignant reflection on grief, based on King David's adultery with Bathsheba in the Bible. It has received multiple awards, including Best UK Short at Oxford, Limerick and Winchester film festivals, and a BAFTA Cymru nomination.

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Fingers (The Pitch 2013 Runner up)

Alex Marx pitched Fingers to The Pitch competition in 2013. His pitch drew on the account of infamous King Herod, set into the gangland world of London in the 1960s, and in particular sought to explore how this story had depicted the part that his stepdaughter took at his birthday celebrations: was she the victim or protagonist?

He won one of our start up grant, which got the project rolling. Working with producer Savannah James-Bayly, they developed their short film concept, drew together a great crew and cast and shot their film in just three days.

We are delighted to present their film online.

Trailer for 'The Light' (The Pitch 2012 Winner)

The Light transposes events in Acts 9 to the US of the early 1950s, and the era of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s Witch hunts. In this climate of paranoia, suspicion and fear, the film follows Merle, an officer in an anti-communist “Red Squad”. When a young man in police custody dies from his injuries, Merle is sent on a journey that is both external and internal, and leads him to face the troubling question - “Is there a wrong kind of right?”.

Trailer for Rahab (The Pitch 2010 Winner)

Rahab (The Pitch 2010 Winner)

Derelict (The Pitch 2009 Winner)



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