The winner of The Pitch in 2013, Aurora Fearnley offered a hugely ambitious take on a familiar story. This is far from the Jonah and the Whale people might be familiar with from Sunday school, as our lead is sent into space, where his presence threatens the lives of everyone else aboard ship. Pulsar has played in more than 30 festivals worldwide and has been watched by more than a million people.

Below you can watch the finished film, hear more about Aurora’s experiences with The Pitch and see her original entry.

What is Pulsar about?

An intergalactic peacemaker (Annihilation’s David Gyasi) rejects his final mission to save an endangered planet and jeopardises the all-female ex-convict crew of the spacecraft he’s stowed away on.

What is it based on?

The book of Jonah, the story of how a prophet went on the run rather than pass on a message of mercy from God.

Where can I watch it?

Pulsar is available on YouTube via Dust and embedded below.

Director/co-writer Aurora Fearnley on making Pulsar

Here is the original video pitch for Pulsar:

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