A finalist at The Pitch in 2013, Alex Marx’s Fingers may not have won the top prize, but the determination of the writer/director/star earned him the chance to shoot it anyway. Working with producer Savannah James Bayly and Reel Issues Films' Luke Walton and Jackie Sheppard, he created a compelling crime drama.

Below you can watch the finished film, as well as see Alex’s original entry.

What is Fingers about?

A journalist exploring murky dealings in the East End finds himself as the mercy of a conflicted crime family.

What is it based on?

Fingers is inspired by the New Testament story of Salome’s famous dance, which led directly to the beheading of John the Baptist, as described in Matthew chapter 14, verses 3–11 and Mark chapter 6, verses 17–29.

Where can I watch it?

Fingers is available on vimeo and embedded below.

Here is the original video pitch for Fingers:

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