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Oneikeh Campbell wins the Pitch 2020 fund

Oneikeh Campbell, who has won the Pitch Production Award for the Pitch 2020 fund, has secured a £35K production budget for her short film. In addition she will receive production support and additional development for her film idea Five Thousand Sta... Read more

Hollow: Creating a sustainable shoot with BAFTA's Albert Training

How the producers of Reel Issues Films approached creating a carbon neutral and sustainable shoot for Paul Holbrook's short film Hollow. With reference to BAFTA's Albert Training and accreditation. Read more

The Widow's Last release

With her film The Widow’s Last making its debut on Omeleto, we caught up with writer/director Vanessa Perdriau to reflect on her journey from hopeful entrant to happy winner. She discusses the ups and downs of writing and production, tips for pitch... Read more

Film writer Paul Holbrook wins The Pitch

PAUL HOLBROOK, Film Writer/Director from Whitchurch, Bristol has won The Pitch film competition this year with his short dark thriller film idea Hollow. Read more

Luke Bradford wins The Pitch

Luke Bradford, from Holloway, has won The Pitch film competition (2018/2019) with his ground-breaking drama “White Gold.” 40 year old Luke, a freelance film Director, has set his film in a community of people with albinism - a minority outcast gr... Read more