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Pitch Winner Aurora Fearnley reveals what it’s like making a film

Aurora Fearnley won Enter the Pitch with her film idea,Pulsar, in 2014. Starring David Gyasi and Jessie Buckley, the film is inspired by the story of Jonah. Read more

An Inside Look at the Finalists’ Weekend

In January, 10 hopeful filmmakers gathered at Pinewood Studios, an iconic venue that boasts the likes of Star Wars and James Bond movies among those made there. Read more

Film maker Ben Cohen wins The Pitch

Congratulations to our latest winner, Ben Cohen, Film Director and Zoya Films co-founder from Whitechapel. Read more

Film Matters: Primary Colours of Story

A few weeks ago we hosted the first in a series of three lectures by writer and story consultant David Baboulene. The Primary Colours of Story lecture series looks to examine how stories grip and intrigue their audiences and how writers can utilise t... Read more

Aurora Fearnley, a past winner, featured in Digital Filmmaker Magazine

Aurora Fearnley's film Pulsar, starring David Gyasi and Jessie Buckley, is based on the biblical story of Jonah and the whale. The film follows Jonah’s last mission before retirement, persuading the war-torn planet Nineveh to join the Galactic... Read more