Created by Rob Holman, The Pitch 2015

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Zealous tells the tale of Simon the Zealot, the disciple with a terrorist background. On an assignment to investigate Jesus on behalf of a zealot faction, Simon ends up playing the role of a disciple to gather information. Yet the information he gathers gradually changes his perspectives, and when faced with a choice, he must decide who he really is: a zealot or a disciple.

Biblical Connection

Simon the zealot was one of Jesus 12 disicples. Biblical reference to Simon is scarce, so the narrative will rely upon artistic licence. Yet it will correlate with the biblical narrative concerning Jesus' life and ministry as found in the gospels. Alongside the general Passion narrative, there are various points of Biblical narrative that have particularly pertinent interplay with Simon's story, for example: -Jesus teaching on turning the other cheek -Jesus advocating paying taxes to Caesar, effectively submitting to Roman rule -The attempts of the people to make Jesus a king in John 6 -The disciple's violent response to Jesus' arrest in the garden of Gethsemane -Jesus taking the place of Barabbas, another Zealot