You will be father of many nations

Created by stella etonno, The Pitch 2012

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Abraham is playing with his son Ishmael before entering his tent for a nap. Hagar is looking down on Sarai who is staring at them from afar, upset. Abraham is falling asleep, the words of god reasonating in his head: "You will be father of many nations.". Abraham is dreaming of Sarah coming towards him and announcing her pregnancy. He then, sees the fates of both his sons and their descendants unravelling before him. Clips of defining moments of Arab and Jewish histories flowing, such as images of the second world war and its concentration camps, the Jewish Diaspora, the arab spring.... Abraham awakes sweating heavily and panting. Sarah is walking towards him and announces she is expecting. Abraham holds her, gazing at Ishmael... and suddenly we realise this gaze is no longer Abraham's, but the gaze of another man in a bedroom, also holding a woman before stepping towards a window where he acknowledges a man at the opposite window. Arab and Jewish children are playing in the playground between the two men. The camera scans and spots a couple of teenagers getting closer, hiding; it scans further and shows soldiers carrying weapons... keeps on scanning Palestine from the distance.

Biblical Connection

Genesis 17- The story of the promess of god to Abraham that he will be father of many nations.