Created by Riley Madincea, The Pitch 2022

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A woman finds herself being haunted by a version of herself from exactly 24 hours ago. Forced to tortuously witness every one of her day-old misgivings, she confronts her Reflection and tries to change her into the woman she wants to be - but could never become herself.

Biblical Connection

Proverbs 27: “As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects man”. The reflections we catch of our inner selves show us who we truly are - whether we like it or not. Ultimately, self-improvement is what the Bible is about. It’s why they have a copy in every prison and AA meeting around the world. Because when people reach rock bottom - though the honest reflection looking back at them is hard to handle - it’s this belief in a better self that gets them through. An idea where the Bible and movie protagonists happen to marry beautifully. ‘Yesterme’ is a dark comedic thriller in the style of Parasite that explores what happens when the greatest expectations of ourselves meet the bitter reality of our shortcomings - LITERALLY, as two versions of the person ('man’ and 'the heart of man') are forced to co-exist. It’s a story of good vs evil, and nothing is more Biblical than that.