Created by David Gilbank, The Pitch 2012

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'The Walking Dead’ meets 'The Book of Eli' and ‘Saving Private Ryan'. A completed film trailer for a sci-fi Sodom and Gomorrah. The Pitch: In the future, the earth has been ravaged by a terrible plague that has transformed most of its population into evil zombies. A few thousand refugees have escaped into orbit, where they’ve spent years building a weapon capable of ‘cleansing’ the planet. Both the weapon and survivors are controlled by an all-powerful super-computer. The computer is now ready to fire the weapon, which will rain fire and brimstone from the heavens, scorching the planet. The leader of the survivors pleads with the computer to delay firing the weapon so any people left on the surface can be rescued. The computer agrees, but only if ten good men can be found within twenty-four hours. In a race against time, two ‘angels’ are dispatched to earth: a zombie half breed, whose mother was infected just before she gave birth; The other a lethal warrior - the last member of a vicious zombie eradication force. They are mortal enemies. Discovering a family living in the ruins, the besieged angels learn to work together as they stage a desperate escape from the merciless zombie horde.

Biblical Connection

Our inspiration is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, updating its famous storyline to one that captures modern-audience’s tastes. Our intention is that this will give the story broader appeal and therefore make it a more commercial proposition. A key moral dilemma of the story is where to draw the line, when an act of violence is for the greater good. Abraham’s negotiation with God over how many good men he has to find before Sodom and Gomorrah can be spared, is a perfect illustration of this. The central characters of our film are the two angels sent by God to find Lott and his family. Whilst they play a crucial part in the original story, no character or description is ascribed to them. This presented us with the opportunity to both build their characters and play out the story from a new perspective.