With All Confidence

Created by Hannah Keime, The Pitch 2024

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Jeanette “Jet”, a heart patient, is lead singer of the popular band 21 Acts. Jet’s cardiologist’s office calls. She ignores. The band arrives home for four sold-out shows half-way through their European tour. Their opening number is Jet’s song which asks “Do you put your dreams on hold knowing you’ll grow old or do you live out the dare wondering how long you’ll be here?” Jet performs. We see her passion and her symptoms. The last night, Jet’s cardiologist comes to the show. After Jet’s manager, friends, and doctor gather. The doctor warns her about her health deteriorating if she continues on tour. All say she should stop the tour. Jet states she will not. She says she has determined to continue and wishes they would support her rather than break her heart trying to stop her from something she feels called to do. The next morning, the band and Jet board the tour bus. Epilogue screen, months later. We hear Jet’s song. It’s revealed she’s singing in a hospital room to young patients then that she is a patient. A nurse takes her back to her room. She walks with guitar and IV down hall.

Biblical Connection

Acts 21:8-15 & 28:16, 30-31 I’m turning Paul into a present-day woman named Jet, the lead singer of a popular band who has a chronic and deadly heart condition. Jet is touring with the band and has come to play in her hometown. Her condition has progressed to a stage where continuing to tour is extremely risky. The prophet Agabus is Jet’s doctor. He comes to see her and publicly warns her what continuing on with the tour will mean. Those beseeching Paul are Jet’s friends and bandmates who beseech Jet not to go on tour. Like Paul, Jet stands up to her friends, declaring her decision to continue on because this is what she was meant to do even if it takes her life. Paul continued to Jerusalem; Jet gets on the tour bus. Chapter 28 becomes the epilogue. At that point, Paul is kept by a guard but still preaching. We see Jet in the hospital, as a patient herself, playing and singing for other patients. She’s doing what she loves. She comforts and perhaps heals them, as she preaches in her own way. She is comfortable and confident in choosing her fate.