Wild Horse

Created by Glodi Kuba, The Pitch 2023

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This film is about Teodor and his unwavering faith, a destiny that he believes was given him by god. After struggling to survive in Romania, Teodor wanted to relieve his families suffering. So When he and his father were given a great opportunity to go work in the UK by a friend, Teodor believed his prayers were answered. Instead, they are enslaved in the UK. Now a ghost in society and referred to as a ‘Horse’. Teodor realises the magnitude of the operation, with many more others just like him, some of them years in. However, he never loses his faith in God, he believes in a higher calling. He stares at the burning fields that he set a light and it is as if god had spoken to him through the crackling flames. With nothing else to lose he must free all his people.

Biblical Connection

The bible reference comes from the story of Moses (Exodus chapter 3-15) who returned to Egypt after being banished to free his people from slavery, after encountering the burning bush in which God had spoken to him. Slavery is something that still exists today, and it is estimated that there are over 100,000 victims in the UK. This story explores the faith between man and God in modern day. Is Destiny something that is given to you by God? Does God still show you signs? Teodor just like Moses has been seperated from his family and is in a new world all on his own. Only his faith in God can save him, just as the burning bush said to Moses, ‘I will prove to be with you, and this is the sign for you that it was I who sent you...” (Exodus 3:12)