White Gold

Created by Luke Bradford, The Pitch 2018

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My work with the Albino community in Tanzania was both haunting and inspirational. Job 30 led me to reflect on this experience and inspired 'White Gold'. We follow three key characters; Adil, his wife Mansa and a witchdoctor called Natron. Mansa is an Albino who, several years ago, fell victim to the evil practice of witchcraft involving the brutal act of having her arm hacked off with a machete in her own home by Natron the witchdoctor. Since then, Adil has witnessed his wife’s daily struggle with life having had her career and dignity brutally robbed. He and his wife are consumed with anger and have vowed to help Mansa avenge this wrong by tracking down and capturing Natron so that Mansa can enact her revenge. As the story unfolds we are led to the moment where Natron is tied up; his fate appears sealed, with Mansa ready to serve justice. At the very moment we believe Natron is about to be killed by Mansa - reaping justice and satisfying her thirst for revenge…. Mansa forgives him. Mansa reveals the only way for her to be truly be free is through forgiveness.

Biblical Connection

Inspired by the story of Job 30, Job is afflicted. Covered in sores, he has lost everything. Through his human perspective Job doesn’t understand. After God speaks to Job he sees his powerlessness and inability to exact justice himself and God restores his life. Job 30 inspires the story through Mansa’s understanding that at the moment of crisis, it is not for her to seek vengeance. Forgiveness of others is her restoration. Just like the suffering of the lepers in Jesus’s day, this is a story of a modern day outcast ultimately set free by the love of Christ. With unique access to stunning locations and minority people groups, 'White Gold' will be ground breaking in both it's storytelling and visual presentation. Authentic casting will be crucial and I have already found networks of appropriate actors who are currently under represented in the industry. I am in weekly communication with reliable local contacts in Tanzania who can help research and source people and places currently unseen on film.