Whispering of the Stars

Created by S. Siso Lausin, The Pitch 2016

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WHISPERING OF THE STARS is a drama about change and redemption. An aggressive drunkard called Paul has an altercation with a man and his daughter in a corner shop. The man has been diagnosed with cancer and has lost all hope of being cured. He worries how his family will survive without him and dreams of a lottery win to take care of them. His daughter however believes in miracles. She is convinced winning the lottery will help them find a cure for her father’s cancer. What the father and daughter don't know is they have picked the winning numbers for this evenings lottery draw. However after the altercation with the drunkard, the ticket ends up in the wrong hands. When Paul finds out he is the winner, he fantasises about dying surrounding by prostitutes and alcohol. Awaking the next day his thoughts are dominated by the little girl from the shop. She makes him think of his own son. The children share the same suffering and hope for their fathers, whilst the men have given up on life. This reflection is so intense that Paul realises he needs to drastically change

Biblical Connection

The Bible recounts of how Saul of Tarsus, a man who intensely persecuted followers of Jesus, had a divine intervention and became Paul the Apostle. Whilst travelling the road to Damascus the resurrected Jesus appeared to him in a great light. He was struck blind for three days but upon having his sight restored, Paul started preaching the Word of Jesus. The film "Whispering of the Stars" is about change and redemption due to a life changing encounter. Paul is an aggressive alcoholic who at the beginning of the film threatens and humiliates a cancer sufferer and his young daughter in a local shop. Once home a miracle happens; Paul checks his lottery ticket and realizes he has is the winner of the jackpot! Just like the biblical tale, the miracle is followed by disapproval, this time from the memory of the young girl from the shop. Paul realizes his actions have caused others suffering, none more so than his son and ex wife. Paul was blinded by his addiction but now can see again. Paul is ready to change.