Wheatleigh Square

Created by anna trenchard, The Pitch 2016

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This story is about a man called EZIO YATES using his passion for horticulture to draw the community, in his block of flats, together. He decides that the neglected communal garden is the perfect place as it is a neutral zone, and it could not fail to bless everyone who uses it. He has no idea if anyone will respond to the invite but is determined to put in his time for the long haul. Much to his surprise there is an encouraging response, with a handful of neighbours who become the anchor for the project. Unexpected friendships and encouragement grow, as fears and stereotypical expectations are rooted out. The communal garden is transformed along with the lives of some of the neighbours. While the community discover creative gardening talents, a gang of youths (who’s local hangout was the communal garden) loiter around the periphery of the project, becoming more antagonistic as the garden flourishes. One day the neighbours wake to find the garden vandalized and trashed. But they don’t give up. The destruction of their creativity draws them closer together, along with others from the surrounding neighbourhood. The garden becomes filled with laughter, peace and community.

Biblical Connection

This story is inspired by the Parable of the Sower: Matthew 13 v18 - 23 EZIO YATES is the sower who wants to bring Godly values of community. Wheatleigh Square (meaning fields of wheat) is the field that EZIO is sowing in. Every person in the neighbourhood falls within the four categories mentioned in the parable, though four specific characters are chosen to show their responses to hearing the invitation to transform the garden. 1: Neighbours who aren’t interested in getting involved are those who symbolize the seed falling by the wayside. 2: JASON, is the character who loves working in the garden but spiteful taunting from the gang of youths he hangs out with intimidates him and he leaves the project. He symbolises the seed that falls on shallow ground. 3: KANIZ, a professional and successful woman, is caught up with the desire for recognition and success. She represents the seed caught in the thorns and brambles. 4: CARELLA and HASSAD, characters with different struggles and challenges respond to EZIO’s invitation in different ways but they both represent the seed falling on good soil and producing a harvest. Wheatleigh Square becomes a very rich crop.