What I couldn't give to You

Created by Agi Liepniece, The Pitch 2013

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My pitch is about a woman called Sara who is a powerful art dealer in London and how she can have anything she wants a part from a child and when she meets an undiscovered artist Hannah she makes a deal with her. She will make Hannah's artist dreams come true in exchange for a child. Its about looking at the emotional sides of these both women and how far are they ready to go to get what they want. How it feels to let your husband sleep with another woman and how it feels to give up a child. It's about fighting for you happiness, emotional cruelty and playing dangerous games with each other.

Biblical Connection

I've taken the main idea from genesis 16:1, The Birth of Ishmael. The Birth of Ishmael tells the story of Sarai and her husband and their maid. I have updated the story and looked more at Sarai (in my story Sara) and Hagar's (in my story Hannah) emotional point of views. From Sarai's point of view of not being able to give her husband a child and Hagar's contempt with her mistress and her decision to give up her child.