We Wise Kings

Created by Miles Anthony, The Pitch 2022

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A selfish banker, pretentious tech entrepreneur, and vain influencer all believe that they are the reincarnations of the biblical magi due to a mysterious text they all received. This leads them to decide to “head to the north star” not realising what the “north star” is or how it may change them forever… Three men of different ages have all been lead to believe that they themselves are reincarnations of the biblical magi and that following the “north star” will further them in terms of money and power. All three received a mysterious text which say “go to the north star” with google maps coordinates and decide to head there to see if Jesus has truly been reborn. They encounter each other along the way and decide to get there traditionally on camelback. They eventually give up on this and decide to get there by different means only to discover that the north star isn’t a north star at all but a poor children’s hospital in need of support. Will they walk away from their pleas? Or will they finally become the selfless men they thought they were reincarnated to be?

Biblical Connection

I am basing my story on the passage "The Magi Visit the Messiah Matthew 2" from the new testament. I am bringing this in the modern-day by keeping to the tradition of the story but by showing that Jesus is in the sick and the helpless and that you don't need the messiah to return in order to become selfless and to help people who are more unfortunate than you. The story will be largely similar to what it originally was however very much focusing on people who may be seen as kings today rather than when the bible was created. This is set at Christmas and is very much a Christmas comedy in the same vein as Scrooged or Trading Places.