Created by Tolu Stedford, The Pitch 2018

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DCI Hunter comes to Ward M7 after the mysterious death of Kara Philips in the mental health facility. He interviews the three patients closest to her: Sian Walker, Kara’s girlfriend and a drug addict; Abigail Adebola, suffering from Dissociate Identity Disorder and Frances (Frankie) Ambler-White, Kara’s roommate and a Sociopath. Throughout his investigations, Hunter (and the audience) discovers the complex web of secrets spun in Ward M7. The last time Sian and Kara were together, they argued because Kara had hidden Sian’s drugs. Kara was trying to protect her because she had witnessed Frankie cutting the drugs with ant poison prior to selling them to Sian. Even the therapist and the nurse cannot escape the detective’s line of questioning. The therapist was in love with Kara and took pleasure in their arguments. Whilst Kara witnessed the nurse extorting money from Debra (one of Abigail’s personalities). What judgement can Hunter make when each of them has something to hide? How will he find the truth, when only Bola knows and she is one Abigail’s rarest personalities. What resolution can be found when you are all to blame. To solve this mystery, Hunter must confront his own demons.

Biblical Connection

Ward M7 is built on the bible book of Matthew chapter 7 verse 1-2 ‘Do Not judge or you too will be judged’. Our film looks at the concept of judgement as we present the audience with a case which requires judgement to resolve. On this journey of discovery lead by our detective we see the audience (and detective) challenging their preconceptions at every point and changing their judgment with every new suspect and revelation ending with the lens of suspicion pointing at themselves. Providing the audience a opportunity to reflect on judging on face value and seeing the complexities of human behaviour while seeing their own vulnerabilities reflected in each character.