War Torn

Created by Richard Sainsbury, The Pitch 2016

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This should be a simple story of compassion. When a girl sees a boy she once knew and can see he is troubled her instinct is to help. But the fact that they are in a British city, she a muslim and he a soldier returned from Afghanistan, turns this into a story about bridging cultural divisions. It reminds us of the increasing need to see past the differences that divide us as a society and recognise those similarities that bring us together. After all, beyond the hijab, beneath the uniform, this is just a girl with compassion and a boy in need of help.

Biblical Connection

In Luke 10:29 a lawyer asks Christ "Who is my neighbour" and is given in response the parable of the Good Samaritan. The story in 'War Torn' is informed by this parable but, in keeping with the film's narrative about bridging cultural divisions, its message is reinforced by that of the Quran 4:36 "Do good unto the neighbour from among your own people and the neighbour who is a stranger".