Unfailing Love

Created by Rashiem Shepherd, The Pitch 2012

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Imagine being in a position, where your life operates under a microscope. You hold the influential power to begin and end wars, empower a multiplicity of nations and inspire the hopeless. Imagine this vast power that you have been given, that many world leaders greatly desire. The power to chart people’s lives on a course of righteous living. You are admired, respected, feared and revered. People are captivated by your charismatic leadership qualities because you are fair, just, and loyal and you stand for truth. Now imagine being asked to do something that ultimately goes against everything that you have ever stood for, everything that you have ever fought for and everything that you ever believed in. One leader stands on three cornerstone principles: loyalty, honour and love to and for your country. In the prime of his leadership, after all his principles are established, a war breaks out within his country and in order restore his nation back to order, he will have to face the biggest challenge of his life. Two of his cornerstone principles will challenge the greatest of all three principles. Will this leader fall?

Biblical Connection

(Hosea chapter 1) The nation of Israel, since the beginning of time has been called out and chosen by God to be His people. Over time, God established a covenant with Israel, in which He promised to prosper them and be their God and they should remain faithful to Him. During the time of Hosea, the land had turned their back on God and God spoke to Hosea telling him to marry a prostitute, who will be unfaithful to him. This was a symbol of the relationship that had existed between God Himself and Israel. Hosea, a prophet of the Lord, was held in high esteem by the people of his land. During the course of the marriage, Hosea’s wife bore him 3 children who were not his and God commanded that the children be named symbolically to show the emotions He feels towards Israel.