Twice Shy

Created by Ollie Wiggins, The Pitch 2013

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Harry O'Shea's just your average mild-mannered museum creator, except for one slight difference - he's married a notorious ex-cat burglar. Harry’s world is turned upside-down when a collection of priceless pieces that he’s spent his life researching goes missing from his museum. All the signs point to Gemma, but O’Shea’s not convinced. As O’Shea and the police attempt to unravel the mystery overnight in the museum, they are caught in a game of cat and mouse with the elusive thief. With the aggressive detective ready to paint O’Shea as an accomplice, he begins to question his faith in his wife. Can he solve the mystery and discover the truth or risk losing Gemma, his artwork, and his freedom ... forever.

Biblical Connection

The book of Hosea follows the marriage, breakdown and reconciliation of a prophet and a prostitute. The most unlikely of marriages is encouraged by God as a metaphor for the relationship between God and His people - an undeserving nation rescued from the gutter and given all it could ever need. But despite this wonderful opportunity, they go chasing after idols, sinning against God and winding up far worse off than when they began. Yet God was not done, and urges Hosea the prophet to pay a huge price to get his wife back - foreshadowing a greater sacrifice that would come hundreds of years later in Jerusalem. "Twice Shy" features a similar relationship; whilst Gemma continues to violate the trust her husband has shown her, he offers her chance after chance convinced that within her there is good to be found. Her indiscretions cause him to suffer both personally and professionally, but will his faith be rewarded as Hosea's was? "Twice Shy" features important themes like faith, trust, justice, forgiveness and second chances which resonate throughout the book of Hosea and The Bible as a whole.