Turn Around Joe

Created by Joshua Shea, The Pitch 2024

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Joe, once acclaimed author of \"How to turn your life around,\" is suddenly dropped by his publisher. Desperate, he seeks universal credit at the local job centre. Fazal, his deadpan work coach, presents him with a teaching opportunity at a nearby high-security prison. Yet, Joe\'s prejudice guides him away, convinced that prisoners aren’t deserving of his time. Instead, he opts for delivery driving, as far removed from the prison walls as possible. However, on a remote delivery run, his van breaks down, leaving him stranded in the middle of nowhere. Balancing on a bridge\'s edge, he contemplates ending his misery. However fate intervenes. Rather than falling to his death, he lands in a cargo boat, and unwittingly gets caught up in an underground drug trade. This ill-fated journey ironically culminates in his arrest and a return to the very place he desperately sought to avoid: the prison walls. However, a revelation emerges – Joe\'s father is imprisoned there. Despite a tumultuous history and a fractured relationship, Joe finds himself face to face with his father, who is on the brink of release. In the shadow of impending freedom, Joe has to decide whether or not to offer him a second chance.

Biblical Connection

I\'ve always been captivated by the biblical tale of Jonah, especially the sheer scale of its narrative, which has consistently captured my imagination with its humour and depth. “Turn Around Joe” is a fresh spin on the epic story. Guided by pride and judgment, Joe attempts to dodge the teaching role at the prison, mirroring Jonah\'s escape from his divine call to Nineveh. Just as Jonah\'s evasion set off a tumultuous voyage, Joe\'s endeavour to avoid his father launches him into a turbulent downward spiral. Yet, from these trials emerges a profound truth: true success emerges from embracing reconciliation, not avoiding it. Similar to Jonah\'s acceptance leading to salvation, Joe\'s journey spotlights the potential for redemption in reconnecting with his father. Jonah\'s complex reaction in Chapter 4, as he wrestles with God\'s mercy towards Nineveh, particularly resonated with me. Similarly, our story aims to mirrors this complexity through Joe\'s response to his transformed father. This narrative delves into thought-provoking questions about the essence of true success, and whether it\'s possible to show compassion and offer a second chance to those who have wronged us.