Created by Ren Bianchi, The Pitch 2024

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\"Treehouse\" unfolds on a summer morning as 9-year-old Brazilian Lua works beside her mother in an apple orchard, overseen by silent supervisors in a Hampshire farm—Lua\'s secret passion for crafting a treehouse blooms amidst her labour. A chance encounter introduces her to Anna, also 9, and her parents, newcomers to the farm from Ukraine. Lua and Anna\'s friendship flourishes despite language barriers, their bond deepening as they construct the treehouse together. However, shadows loom as Lua witnesses Anna\'s family\'s desperation to escape the farm\'s oppressive grip. The treehouse, a symbol of their unity, faces destruction by the overseers, further testing their resilience. A night of suspense culminates in Anna\'s family, joined by two others, making a daring escape. Lua\'s attempt to join them is prevented by her mother. The separation leaves Lua heartbroken yet determined. \"Treehouse\" captures the emotional journey of two young souls, Lua and Anna, bound by friendship amidst adversity. The lush orchard contrasts the harsh realities they face, and the treehouse serves as a testament to their unbreakable spirit. As Lua stands beneath the stars, watching Anna\'s family vanish into the night, the film explores themes of courage, sacrifice, and the enduring power of connection.

Biblical Connection

Genesis 15:13 God said to Abram, “Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in land that is not theirs, where they will be enslaved and oppressed four hundred years. \"Treehouse\" adapts the essence of Genesis 15:13 into a contemporary narrative that delves into universal human struggles. The film interweaves the prophecy\'s elements within the characters\' experiences, highlighting themes of displacement, subjugation, and the yearning for freedom. Young Lua\'s orchard labour symbolizes being strangers in a foreign land, mirroring the prophecy\'s scenario. Anna\'s arrival parallels strangers in a foreign country, highlighting the newcomers\' disorientation. Lua\'s language barriers reflect communication breakdown in unfamiliar territories. Anna\'s father\'s escape discussion resonates with the desire for freedom amid oppression, echoing the biblical yearning for emancipation. The treehouse embodies unity and hope, akin to disintegrated bonds and aspirations faced historically. The climax, where Anna\'s family flees, resonates with the prophesied exodus from slavery. Lua\'s pursuit mirrors the universal yearning for liberation in adversity. \"Treehouse\" compellingly captures Genesis 15:13\'s essence, transposing themes to contemporary settings. The film echoes enduring struggles among marginalized communities. Through friendship and innocence juxtaposed with harsh realities, it becomes a touching tribute to human resilience.