To The End

Created by Ricardo Burgher, The Pitch 2012

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This idea is about a boy in his mid 20s. he is very humble, hardworking and always tries to remain faithful and hope that life will get better in the future, however events in his life seem to keep contradicting his faith and its seeming like there is no way out and life just keeps getting harder. One day he gets a message to say that his house is on fire he runs straight home only to see his home burnt to the ground and his brother and two friends dead. He starts living in disbelief and starts drinking. One of his close friends going to town to seek a new and better life encourages this boy to come with him. He agrees and the two set out. This young man is very bright and extremely good with computers. He gets a job as a janitor at a company and this is where he gets his break. He works very hard. One day he sees the boss having difficulty on the computer and he assists and solves the problem. The boss is elated he upgrades him, did things get better or worse? Find out.

Biblical Connection

The the connection that my pitch has with the bible is similar in that daniel was hard working, humble and faithful. He was not from a rich back ground but nevertheless he kept believing that he was destined for great things because that is what the lord told him and that is who he believed in. Daniel was loved by king Darius so much because of his dedication to work and his spirit that he was set above everybody in the whole realm. This brought anger among the people so they decided to make a law which states that any man found praying to any god then that person would have to be cast into the den of the lions. Daniel was unaware of this and the king was also unaware that daniel didnt know. Daniel however, hid to pray and was caught by the men and because of the law the king had no other choice but to throw Daniel in the lion's den. He was sadden thou because he loved Daniel. the king eventually let him out of the den and Daniel prospered thereafter.