Timmy and the Tyrant

Created by Chris Matthewman, The Pitch 2018

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‘Timmy and the Tyrant’ is a marvellous, mad-cap, musical, mini-movie about courage, commitment and curiously strong wool. In his first day as a fully qualified shepherd, the eager Timmy reports for duty, to the fretful and fussy Grandpa Jonas. Despite being warned about the nearby presence of the predatory ‘Wolfie’, the easily distracted Timmy soon finds that donut-loving sheep Simon has been snatched. Distraught, but determined to recover his fluffy friend, Timmy is dissuaded from performing any heroics by Grandpa Jonas, who’s become intimidated and resigned to such losses. Regardless, Timmy secretly heads out, reminded of the words of his late, shepherdess mother to; “Care for the Last, the Lost and the Least”. With this in his heart, he enters the Forest lair where he is captured by Wolfie’s heinous, hairy, henchmen ‘The Furzalers’. Brought to Wolfie, things are not looking good for Timmy or Simon, until an inspired Grandpa Jonas and his ninja sheep, launch a daring rescue. The wicked Wolfie and his mob restrained, the shepherds and sheep are reunited, and eventually the Furzalers retrained to work on Woolyhead Farm.

Biblical Connection

The films draws its main inspiration from Jesus’ parable of the Lost Sheep in Luke chapter 15 and the Sheep / Shepherd / Wolf symbolism used by Jesus in John chapter 10. In respect to the story of the Lost Sheep, parallels can me be made between the determination of the shepherd to retrieve the one lost sheep, regardless of potential personal dangers, and Timmy’s own drive to do so. The easily led and somewhat wayward nature of Simon the Sheep also resonates for me with the one from the 99 that wandered off. The particular phrases from John chapter 10 that stood out were; “Truly… anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber” “The wolf attacks the flock and scatters it”. “The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep”. Although my story will be presented in both a modern and musical fashion, I would say that some of the themes nd ideas, the rural setting and the characteristics of some of the cast may not be all that dissimilar to what Jesus himself presented.