'Til the devil knows I'm dead

Created by James Kennedy, The Pitch 2023

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My film is an emotionally fraught drama about one woman's struggle to find forgiveness for her past misgivings. The film also has horror undertones, however these elements are explored through atmosphere and dread rather than shocks and gore. It would sit alongside contemporary films like "Saint Maud" and "Get Out". We aim to produce a compelling film that uses drama and horror to ask questions about forgiveness, rehabilitation and our place in a society that is quick to cast those who have wronged us away. The film also looks at God's role in forgiveness, with our protagonists parole officer being a priest and acting as a spiritual guide through her journey. Whilst our main character feels that maybe God has no place in his heart for her after all she has done, the teachings of her parole officer will help her understand that God has room for everyone if they are willing to accept their wicked ways and atone for their sins.

Biblical Connection

The passage from the bible that I am adapting is Luke 22:40: "On reaching the place, he said to them, “Pray that you will not fall into temptation."� I chose this passage as the idea of “reaching a place” is massively evocative - whether that be a a spiritual place, such as the release of her guilt. It could also be a physical place with the halfway house representing a threshold between the before and after. I