Thomas and Claire

Created by steven mitchell, The Pitch 2013

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Thomas and Claire appear just like any other regular best friends. They've been together since they were children where they would spend hours outside playing together and eating their meals together. But there is one major difference that sets them apart from all other friends. Claire is imaginary. Now that Thomas has grown up, he realises that he no longer needs an imaginary friend. But Claire isn't ready to give up on Thomas. A twist on the 'coming of age' story, 'Thomas and Claire' seeks to answer the question, "what happens to an imaginary friend when they are no longer needed?". A bittersweet tale of friendship and loss, the film follows Claire as she struggles to deal with the breakdown of her friendship, eventually seeking the help of an imaginary friend psychiatrist. In order to move on, Claire must accept her situation and let go of Thomas. But will she?

Biblical Connection

The pitch is inspired by the first eight verses of Ecclesiastes 3: "A Time for Everything". There is a time for everything but it can sometimes be difficult for us to comprehend that somethings have to end. Our lives are made up of many moments and some things or people that we expect to be with us for the rest of our lives often aren't. "Thomas and Claire" is a parable based on these verses. It seeks to show that whenever we encounter a loss in our lives, whether be a person or a situation or job, there is a time for mourning but ultimately it will lead to a new situation. There are times when we have to tear down the situations around us and rebuild something new. Claire learns to rebuild her life. She learns that although one moment has passed, a new moment is waiting for her.