This Thing Is Strange

Created by Mark Kessler, The Pitch 2016

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An animated story following three young bluejay birds who awake one morning to discover an egg their father has just delivered to them for breakfast. They have never eaten an egg before and young Pip is eager to dig in. However paranoid speculations about what could be inside the egg begin to cause pandemonium to break out amongst the hungry birds. The oldest (by 1min) is convinced that their destruction lies inside. The stress level intensives as the elder brother dreams up more and more fearful things that could be inside they they must be careful not to unleash. Lions, Crocodiles, giant Robots, a flood of green peas? The anxiety builds until hungry little Pip can take it no more and speaks up to remind the others that though the egg may look strange it was not given to them by a stranger but by their dad who loves them and cares for them. We will film live action plates up in a tree with a real nest then animate the characters into the scenes.

Biblical Connection

Luke11:11-13 The Egg represents something given by God (the Father) however there is something beneath the shell which is the true delight. Those who know and love the Father will crack it open and enjoy however those who do not know the goodness of the Fathers intentions will approach it nervously, concerned about the content. These are often the kinds of people whos imaginations create the worse senerios, however these are only fueled or extinguished by a knowledge of God. After delivering the nation of Isreal out of slavery God asked them to spy out the promised land. 12 spies were sent out and saw the beauty and fruitfulness of the land. They also saw the giants in that land. In the returning report to Moses only two of the spies said ‘we can go in’, the other ten said, we cannot enter, infact God has brough us here to kill us. Let’s kill Moses. All the spies saw the same thing however they processed what they saw differently. Joshua and Caleb processed what they saw in the knowledge that God was a good God and a good Father, unlike the other ten. The animation captures these two dynamics.