Created by Ilie Zubascu, The Pitch 2013

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In one line, this is the story of a surrogate mother that runs away while pregnant. In a few lines, twin thieves Laura and Alex grew up together and learnt to deceive at the highest level. Alex accepts to be surrogate mother for an influential politician but within a few weeks she changes her mind and runs away while pregnant. This is a fast action film that emulates Bourne Identity’s style. This pitch/trailer was produced with only £20. Most of the visuals were shot using a Panasonic GH3 (mirrorless camera, smaller than a DSLR) and a £30 Takumar lens, bought a year ago. I have completed my first year of MA in Video Productions at University of West London and have good links with them. I have access to their studio, green screen, equipment, editing suit, their Sony F3 camera (possibly a RED Epic but not confirmed) and more. I can get access and filming permission to various locations in London such as HTB church, small TV studio, offices, university Mac labs, tall building offices in Brentford, overseeing M4. I have an amazing stunt director (plus his team) to work with and have already a cast of 10 confirmed actors.

Biblical Connection

Main source - Luke 23:32-33, 39-43 Additional sources: Matthew 27:38,44; Mark 15:27-28,32; John 19:18 The biblical link that I want to base the story on is the story of the two thieves on the cross. The Bible mentions the two thieves without a thorough history background, giving me the opportunity to explore the theme of hope. The good thief has arguably managed to pull off the greatest and nearest death escape ever made. If he made it through, then there is hope for anybody else, no matter the conjuncture. There are also three minor themes to be explored: repentance, humility and forgiveness. The thieves’ representation as sisters is symbolic, it seems that they have known each other for a while and possibly have similar backgrounds, however a decision will separate them. Like many of us, the two thieves put their hopes in material gain and possibly they’ve deceived each other as well as themselves. Mark and Matthew’s accounts tell that both thieves mocked Jesus, making the good’s thief escape to appear even greater. The core message of the film is: If you put your hope in the Lord, there is life no matter who you are or who you’ve become!