The Young Detective

Created by Jeffrey Aidoo, The Pitch 2017

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A lion, a donkey, a body covered in a white sheet, random numbers, a voice. All elements of a re-occurring vision that haunts an idealistic young detective. None of it makes sense to him, until the case of a missing girl lands on his desk. He soon realises they are connected and his vision is the key to unlocking the truth. This will be a modern take of a classic noir film. We shall follow this young detective as he navigates a dark, corrupt, crooked underworld. Resisting shady politicians and high ranking officials who all try and shake him off his path. The young detective is focused on following the directions in his dream, until he meets an old detective. Ultimately the young detective will be faced with a decision that will have irrevocable consequences, for himself and his quest in discovering the truth. It’s a story about choice, belief, doubt and destiny.

Biblical Connection

The Young Detective is based on 1 Kings 13. The man of God vs the old prophet. A haunting passage, kept me awake for many nights. On the surface it seemed so harsh. This man of God was good, resisted temptation. However, he gets duped by an old prophet and ends up chomped to death by a lion. His body left on the side of the road, lion on one side, donkey on the other. Haunting. It fascinated me so much I kept returning to it and peeled back the many layers, revealing a deeper meaning to this seemingly ruthless story. It’s a fantastic message about choice, and how we need to act when God speaks to us. The man of God not only doubted but questioned the word of the Lord he had received, this led to his downfall. He had two choices, walk in victory, choose power and truth as the lion represented. Or choose doubt, stubbornness and pride as represented by the donkey. It’s a message the world needs to hear. When we receive a word from the Lord what choice will we make? We need to choose the lion, choose life.