The Workers

Created by Jason Young, The Pitch 2012

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A social drama about unemployed workers applying for jobs only to be met with no responses or unsuccessful responses. A Christian employer decides to scour the jobcentres and work programme centres for candidates to hire in his business. He discovers candidates who have been unemployed ranging from three weeks to nine years. At first he refuses to hire them because he feels that they have been doing nothing for a long time. But then he has a change of heart and decides to take a risk and hire them so that they can become taxpayers rather than living off benefit. Does he provide hope for an unemployed community or does it all end in tears?

Biblical Connection

(Matthew 20:1-7) The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard In the parable of the workers they stood waiting in the marketplace because no one would hire them. They were the lowest class of workers who relied on chance employment. Their standard pay was 4p per day, and if they were unemployed for one day then their children would go hungry. Their day began at 6am where they would market themselves as labour for hire, and would end at 6pm. The third hour was 9am. The sixth hour was midday and the ninth hour was 3pm. The eleventh hour was 5pm which meant that there was only one hour left to work. The landowner was aware of the desperate position of these unemployed workers and chose to pay them the same wage as the earlier workers so that they can support their family. The purpose of this parable is to teach the right of every worker to work, and the purpose of this film is to show how unemployed people are wasting away because no one will hire them.