The Tides of Change

Created by Ted Wilkes, The Pitch 2013

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Ellie Emet is an analyst working for the UK government collecting information on “people of interest” tracking their every move from an office in GCHQ. As a loyal civil servant and adamant supporter of the newly elected PM she sees her job as vital to the security of the nation, convinced that those she has been tasked to follow are set on destroying everything that she believes in. Recently she has proposed to her boyfriend and they are currently thinking about starting a family together and settling down. Slowly Ellie begins to see the PM becoming more arrogant and drunk with power ordering them to spy on individuals who have no known connection to groups who threaten national security. One night she discovers a classified file that exposes the new regime as deserting its principals and turning its back on democracy by ordering British citizens to be murdered in a secret prison. Ellie now has to decide if she is going to confront the PM by taking the information to journalists that will expose him staying true to her principals but in doing so residing herself to be exiled leaving her old life leaving behind the man she loves.

Biblical Connection

In Chronicles 26:16 king Uzziah burnt incense inside a temple turning his back on the lord believing that he was above God. The PM in our story becomes drunk on power and forgets his own principals and in ordering for citizens to be murdered he is unfaithful to his office and the ideals connected to freedom and democracy. In our story religion is akin to democracy that both Uzziah and the PM abuse. It will also allow us to analyse the current political climate of whistle blowing, and ask the question of if it is ever right to hide the truth in favour of the "greater good"? Ellie in our story is Azariah the chief priest in the temple who stands against Uzziah telling him that what he was doing is wrong. Rather than confront the PM directly she decides that she should go to the papers to try and bring about his downfall. After Azariah confronted Uzziah the king contracted leprosy and had to abdicate the throne. Ellie in our story hopes that the PM will have to step down after the revelations, or at least she will make his time in office a little harder.