The Station

Created by Jeremy Silcocks, The Pitch 2022

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If you were to stack up all your time here and watch it play out, how would that edit of your life look? 3 remarkable encounters on the floor of a train station splinter across the decades; each revolving around one overlooked piano as the catalyst. This is the exploding history of one man’s life, framed across 3 life-changing occasions when he was waiting for a train. It tells the story of childhood, adulthood and fatherhood all through the keyhole of his fragmented time at this station. It is the story of 3 generations of one family, with 3 different actors portraying one and the same character, 3 distinct life-stages to be explored, and a multi- layered narrative of change and growth to be depicted. Night, Sunrise and Sunset present the backdrop for the 3 stories, with each encounter belonging to one lifetime as part of a slow, gradual reveal. One note is a start. 2 notes is a shark attack. Piano music is an essential component to this story. When all layers are stripped away, this is a film chronicling the impact of a pianist’s astonishing performance at this station, and the boy, and family that grew in its wake.

Biblical Connection

How does one compare the Kingdom of God? The Sower & the Harvest; the mustard seed and the great tree; the woman working yeast throughout the dough: Jesus conveyed this comparison across several parables with so much beauty, depth and simplicity. They all start with something small. A humble act. Something planted or something scattered. Something that takes time and work to manifest. Each is so incredibly evocative, and I have longed to tell a story to communicate such themes as these very special parables. Music felt a good metaphor – Something unseen but very much felt. For the Kingdom of God dwells within us, growing until the day it finally arrives. At the heart of this film is the growing seed from Mark 4: 26-34. An anonymous pianist performs day and night at the station to no applause. No-one ever has ears to hear, except one child. Yet still his performance transforms, even defines this boy’s whole life in beautiful ways. This is a story of faith, love, hope; how we are here to scatter such things without knowing how they will bear grain. But trusting behind it all is a harvest; a great tree through God’s work. His Kingdom.