The Revelation

Created by Annette Westwood, The Pitch 2024

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In 2032, global crisis ensues, the world having received no rainfall in nearly a year. Jeremiah, a disillusioned reporter for news programme The Revelation, sets out to uncover the truth about a community who’ve reported the highest death figures in the country, the place under strict military control, martial law having been imposed. Jeremiah and crew arrive to find a dystopian, Godless city with horrific food stuffs being eaten. Jeremiah interviews the city’s mayor, being interrupted by a woman, desperate from starvation, who reveals she has killed and eaten her child, angry at another mother who would not do the same. The mayor proclaims it the fault of God, directing blame towards the community’s vicar. The news team visit the woman’s home, Jeremiah sickened to discover the child’s remains. Word spreads that the mayor has authorised a violent punishment on the vicar. The crew locate them, the mayor’s threat being met with the vicar’s response to call on God’s salvation. Their stand-off leads to the mayor rescinding his threating act. A woman appears holding a baby, Jeremiah is compelled to pray. With the crew recording, Jeremiah makes an impassioned speech to keep faith. As he finishes, the rain falls.

Biblical Connection

The adaptation takes inspiration from 2 Kings: Chapter 6 (24-33) & Chapter 7, the story of famine in besieged Samaria, one of the most hopeless and lesser-known stories in the Bible, which leads to one of the most unexpected and terrific fulfilments of prophecy and restoration. Believed to have been written by Jeremiah, the ‘weeping prophet’ of the old testament, his most lasting legacy, one of offering hope to believers for centuries. The film transposes Samaria to a futuristic dystopian city, the original author becomes our protagonist Jeremiah, we follow his journey as he transforms from a disillusioned reporter to latter-day prophet denouncing the inhumanity of the time. Staying true to the biblical source, the film depicts a mother’s shocking desperate act of cannibalism becoming a turning point for God’s merciful act to end the suffering. This short live-action drama aims to tell this most terrible but beautiful story of redemption, highlighting the key message from the biblical text that God is able, but sin is not without punishment, so turn to Him for all your needs and He will provide however dire things may seem – a story of hope and faith in the face of adversity.