The Path

Created by Kehinde Sonola, The Pitch 2012

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Joe is struggling to restart his once thriving MMA gym against a backdrop of mounting debts, physical debilitation as well as an ever growing distance with his wife. In the face of this adversity, Joe’s commitment is unwavering as he is sustained by his faith in God. After a week of watching Joe open and close up an empty gym, three drunken youths approach and ridicule him outside the gym as he opens up. They rudely question why he continues to waste his time and doesn’t just give up, especially since he has lost his children in a freak accident, customers to a rival gym and a wife who has openly begged him to give up the gym. Joe explains to the youths that he believes that if he stays on his path he can do good in the community with his gym. He encourages them to join the gym and they rudely decline his offer while walking away. As he walks into the gym, a guy with a leaflet for Joe’s gym approaches him and says he would like to sign up and train. Joe nods and smiles as they walk in together.

Biblical Connection

The path is an introduction to our modern interpretation of the story of The Book of Job. It reveal the story of a man determined not to let his problems consume him as he sustained by his faith.