The Other Mother

Created by Ruth Carnegie, The Pitch 2024

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A unnamed mother sits alone at the funeral. Escaping into her own thoughts she begins to remember the events of the previous few days. One afternoon the unnamed mother hears news that a young man on her estate where she lives has been kidnapped, tortured and possibly murdered by a local gang. Someone has betrayed the young man\'s location to the gang allowing them to get hold of him in the first place. The Unnamed woman is aware the young man is a friend of her own son and so that evening, she recounts the news to him. Initially the son appears to not concern himself with such terrible matters but rumours begin to emerge that he may have had something to do it. Eventually destroyed with guilt, the son confesses he was in fact involved in the betrayal. The unnamed mother, tries to fix what her son had done and for a moment thinks she has succeeded when she hears the young man has in fact been found alive. Rushing to tell her son, everything is going to be alright, she finds she\'s too late as he\'s made a harrowing choice and ultimately taken his own life.

Biblical Connection

New Testament, Mark 3,19 and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed him. Using the resurrection story as the basis, I have always been interested in the Mother of Judas Iscariot. A woman whose son is destined to be seen by many as the ultimate traitor. Her story runs along side that of Mary\'s whose son dies but yet returns. By setting the story in a modern setting and in a working class area, I aim to focus on the other Mother\'s experience of seeing her own kin make a mistake that ultimately leads to un-reversable catastrophic event but one that is a recognisable experience. The most important goal of the story is not to sensationalise the trauma of these kinds of events but to show without gratuity, the quiet way in which people can cope with them.