The Mighty Jungle

Created by JOSEPH LANDRETH, The Pitch 2016

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‘The Mighty Jungle’ is a drama set amongst the shacks and mud of a Calais refugee camp. We follow one man’s journey as he battles with identity and loneliness. Once a lead actor in a famous TV show, Mo Summer now masks his struggle to fit back into society with wild parties and lavish tastes. He longs to fit in, to find his place and a purpose. His world is turned upside down when he visits the refugee camp nicknamed ‘The Jungle’ and a publicity stunt goes wrong. He ends up pushing someone off a moving vehicle and Mo can’t sleep for days after – unsure of the man’s fate. His emotions are tipped over the edge when his own mother reveals he was adopted. He returns to the camp to redeem himself, a fire breaks out and he ends up saving the same man he hurt. By rebuilding homes and caring for people, Mo earns respect and a place there. His new friend then reveals he knew Mo’s real family and Mo is torn between staying and caring for the poor, or returning to London and using his blossoming career to lead every one of them to safety.

Biblical Connection

The story of Moses in Hebrews 2 reflects our own struggle to find purpose. Our identity doesn’t lie in what others think of us, but by who God has called us to be. The Biblical Moses was so overcome by this struggle for identity that he killed a man, and then fled to a less fortunate world. It was during this time he drew closer to God, who spoke to him about what he was called to do and why. The truth is we where all once orphans, but are called by our Father to be leaders, to stand out, and to trust God’s timing. He has a plan for each and every one of us, a destiny to full-fill, and it starts right outside our comfort zone.