The Lost Soldier

Created by Thomas Reeve, The Pitch 2016

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The Lost Soldier follows the story of Corporal Tom Sullivan who was discharged from the army following his diagnosis with PTSD. He has succeeded in making a life for himself with his wife Sarah, but the war has had a deep and lasting impact. When Tom receives a letter form one of his former platoon asking for help, he is left with an impossible choice. Does he help his friend and go back to the life he's tried so hard to put behind him? Or does he turn his back on a man who desperately needs his help? *Military footage courtesy of Army Frontline.*

Biblical Connection

The Lost Soldier draws inspiration from The Lost Sheep in The Gospel of Luke (15: 3-6). In which a shepherd leaves his flock to go after a single lost sheep. On the surface this decision doesn't seem to make sense but this single sheep is so important to the shepherd that he is willing to risk everything to save it. In the same way, Corporal Tom Sullivan's decision to leave the safety and comfort of his home life and risk his own safety in order to save his friend may not seem to make logical sense. However, this choice shows how deeply he cares for his former brother in arms. The end was inspired by the following verse in Luke (15:7) it shows that, unlike sheep, people must actively make the choice to turn away from wrong doing and return home. Though like God and the shepherd in the Bible, Tom is always waiting and hoping that his friend will return home.