The Loss

Created by Suzana Kokalj, The Pitch 2015

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The Loss is a story about a student who lost her child during pregnancy. It affects her greatly; she is unable to overcome her grief. The story is not told chronologically for it better fits the character's state of mind. We learn the girl comes from academic family, where education is very important. When her parents find out she’s pregnant they aren't thrilled. The girl decides to keep her baby anyways and loves it with all her heart even when still in the womb. But her happiness ends when she finds out her baby’s heart stopped. She has to deliver the dead baby girl. Nobody she keeps dear seems to understand it's a big deal. Nobody goes with her to the hospital. Her parents seem even relieved when they hear the news about the baby. Three months pass and the day she was supposed to deliver becomes one of the biggest trials in her life. Her friends don't even remember any more. But every time she goes out and pretends everything is ok she feels like a porcelain doll. All empty inside. At least when she is alone and allowed to grief she knows she won’t break into pieces.

Biblical Connection

The starting point of developing the story was from John 19:25 - “Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother…” Mary knew she will have to give up her son, he was never really hers. So is this girl’s daughter who dies before she is born – she never belongs to this world, to her mother. No matter the circumstances Mary was in when Jesus was crucified, she must have felt terribly, her heart broken. Alone. The words in the Bible don’t describe in detail how people felt, it focuses more on the events and the message. This story is trying to project Mary’s pain through the girl. The father of the dead baby is intentionally not exposed – we cannot really take God for a comparison, but Joseph on the other hand was not mentioned at the crucifixion. He also wasn’t by Mary in the first days after she conceived – the connection between Mary and the story doesn’t end by Jesus’s cross. The whole story of Mary’s life is reflected on this young girl. Mary and the girl didn’t plan to have a baby. They both had to go through first moments of pregnancy alone. They both loved their child unconditionally.