The Light of Nancy-Jean

Created by Mikaela King, The Pitch 2016

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The Light of Nancy-Jean is a docudrama set in 1952 about a naive seventeen year old girl with a head full of dreams. Francis the older, educated and unwelcome Nigerian architect steals her heart and her future when she ends up pregnant with his child. Fleeing home to Africa as soon as he’s told, Francis leaves her devastated, whilst her parents send her packing to Cornwall as not to shame the family name. Based upon a true story, The Light of Nancy-Jean explores the traumatic circumstances of a mixed raced and out of wedlock pregnancy in the 1950s, which Nancy-Jean solely overcomes through the birth of her son and the new life he can provide her.

Biblical Connection

The Light of Nancy-Jean was partially inspired by the birth of Jesus Christ. Like Mary, Nancy-Jean leaves her home to deliver a child which will change her life forever. Both stories also demonstrate themes of being surrounded by a somewhat disapproving and disbelieving community. I wanted to explore the possible feelings of isolation Mary could have been feeling during her pregnancy, as well as the joy she discovered in the birth of her child.