The Last Call

Created by K. M. S., The Pitch 2024

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A late-night radio show is in full swing. DAVID a seasoned DJ receives a call from a distressed young man named WILLIAM HUNTER. As the conversation progresses, Hunter drops a bombshell revealing he’s killed someone. David is skeptical, but as Hunter continues talking, he realizes he’s deeply troubled. Hunter mentions he’s alone and in a dark hole, believing what he did was for the greater good. David’s firm – murder is wrong. Hunter knows his time is almost up. David pieces together fragments of Hunter’s backstory, learning that his friends abandoned him in his time of need, and that he believes he had no other choice but to kill. David pleads with Hunter to turn himself in, but Hunter is beyond help. As the conversation nears its end, Hunter thanks David for being listening. He promises to make everyone proud before the phone suddenly goes dead… David is left listening to the dial tone. In the morning as David enters his flat, he turns on the TV. A programme is interrupted by ‘Breaking News’, revealing that William Hunter was a soldier trapped in a warzone, fighting for his life. He died on the battlefield and is hailed as a hero.

Biblical Connection

The is referenced from the Old Testament, ‘David’s Mighty Warriors’ found in 2 Samuel chapter 23:8-17. A brave soldier named Eleazar, fights alongside the Israelite army in a battle against the Philistines. The Israelite army loses ground, and the soldiers started to retreat. Eleazar finds himself alone in the middle of the battlefield, but stands his ground. He fights so fiercely that his hands stick to his sword, unable to let it go even after killing many of the enemy. As the battle rages on, the Israelite soldiers see Eleazar\'s bravery. They rally around him, and together they are able to defeat the Philistines. Despite his exhaustion, Eleazar refuses to give up, returning to the battlefield fighting until his last breath - sacrificing himself for his fellow soldiers and for his country. The story is often cited as an example of self-sacrifice and courage in the face of overwhelming odds, and Eleazar is remembered as one of Israel\'s greatest heroes. ‘The Last Call’ fictionalises Eleazar, as William Hunter – a soldier in the battlefield expressing his final thoughts to a late-night radio DJ. The aim is to highlight the inner emotional and mental struggles of soldiers.