The Last BBQ

Created by Abigail Richardson, The Pitch 2024

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«The Last BBQ» is a story of betrayal within a group of female gangsters in Essex. We open with a boy, the messenger sent to inform the «disciples» of the location of the BBQ. In this first scene, we are introduced to the 12 gang members, except one is missing. In finishing her last errands before the party, Pia stumbles upon Jude who has clearly had a meeting… Jude is caught off guard but they’re late. They’ll deal with that later… We enter the barbecue, where we meet Yashua, the Don, surrounded by her followers wildly drinking and catching up. Yashua commences the dinner with a charismatic speech. The mood quickly changes as Yashua’s senses push her to reveal that a betrayer is amongst them. The women passionately defend their loyalty. Her unease takes over and she pulls herself away with Pia, imploring her to deny her to save her legacy. They return to the barbecue to be met with Jude accompanied by their rival gang. Jude kisses Yashua, igniting a violent seize. The gang disperses, Yashua is taken to her death. We are left with Pia, in hiding, she is approached by the boy and denies Yashua three times.

Biblical Connection

We have chosen to adapt the story of «The Last Supper» as told by the four evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the new testament. We carefully studied and researched their accounts and the act of the apostles amongst other parts of the bible, to find the best way to tell the story. «The Last Supper» is about legacy, loyalty, betrayal and acceptance of fate. We could see the humanity in these biblical texts and how these themes still challenge us today. We wanted to reimagine it in a modern, exciting setting to bring it to life. To challenge audiences to relate to these unconventional disciples, who were in fact, ex-criminals for some, heavily influenced by money. On top of adapting the story faithfully step by step, we have carefully enhanced moments and actions to place it in this modern setting ie. The messenger holding the water will be a boy on a scooter with an energy drink, Pia (Peter) will burn the enemy’s ear on the bbq instead of cutting it… However, some will stay the same ie. Jude’s kiss to give up Yashua, and Yashua’s speech at the table (Quotes from the bible with an Essex accent).