The Innkeeper

Created by Denise Deegan, The Pitch 2022

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Holly is desperate to be in the school Nativity play and she is willing to take any role. As all the main roles get snapped up by other kids her teacher eventually caves and gives her the role of the First Innkeeper. As the rehearsals continue Holly finds it harder and harder to refuse the Holy Family but on threat of being fired from the play by the strict Ms. Daly she relents. On show night, however, her good-natured takes over and she offers them a room much to the annoyance of Ms Daly and delight of the audience. After the play, Holly and her Mam walk home and we discover that they're both homeless and living in a small room in a hostel

Biblical Connection

We're using the story of The Nativity and updating it to modern-day to explore the homelessness crisis in Ireland that is affecting hundreds of families. Our story directly refers to the bible story through the device of the Nativity play, but also thematically uses the story to tell the story of 7 year old Holly and her Mam who, despite outward appearances are homeless and leaving in a hostel.