The Graveyard Shift

Created by David Ajayi, The Pitch 2024

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Jacob is finishing up his shift at a bar when Rachel walks in, carrying decorations as she prepares to set up a private bridal shower. Jacob sees her struggling to carry stuff and goes to help her. They connect instantly, realising they both went to the same university and never managed to cross paths. Jacob is lovestruck as Rachel continues in the private party room. Jacob asks his boss to give Rachel his contact details. His boss agrees, only if Jacob stacks one more shelf before going home. Jacob is crushed when his boss comes out with the wrong woman - Leah! After surviving an awkward interaction, Jacob\'s boss convinces him to work a little later, so that Jacob can catch Rachel before she leaves. Jacob reluctantly accepts and struggles to keep himself from dying of boredom as he cleans up. He eventually sneaks into the party and must avoid Leah\'s forward advances as he tries to connect with Rachel. He finally succeeds and gets her phone number, but his boss catches him and demands he washes plates as punishment. Rachel sneaks into the kitchen at the end of her party and gives Jacob a kiss. Jacob smiles, satisfied.

Biblical Connection

We are modernising the story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah in Genesis chapter 29. We are taking the comedy of being matched with the wrong person, the dramatic stakes of a love triangle and the life affirming theme of waiting for the right person. We are taking the key beats from that story but spinning them in a way that is recognisable to the current age and full of laughs.