The Glasshouse

Created by Jonny Dry, The Pitch 2018

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It’s been an abnormally hot 1920s summer in Over Blithe and months of unexplained drought have wreaked havoc on the moors. Wildfires are ablaze on the bleak ridge above and murmurings in the local community have said arsonists are to blame. Convinced of the danger, an aging Gwen urges her quietly obsessive sister Morgan they must help the voluntary fire services in tackling the blaze. Yet her pleas fall unheard. Left traumatised from her experiences on the Western front, Morgan’s early interest in horticulture has become an addiction for acquiring the Earth’s rarest specimens for her extensive tropical collection. Despite repeated calls to look beyond the walls of her glasshouse, little else exists, and Morgan becomes convinced of conspiracy against her warped paradise. Faced with stubbornness and violence, Gwen’s conviction that her sister will see the destruction around them turns cold. She falls silent, watching with desperation as a rift appears between them and her love for Morgan falls in to doubt. Yet still, despite the impending fire, she remains a silent bystander next to her sister. Watching as the wind turns and whips the fire into an unstoppable inferno that plunges down off the ridge-line towards Over Blithe...

Biblical Connection

Jeremiah's plight to convince Jerusalem to turn away from its false endeavors and remember its true God is as relevant now as it has ever been. Exploding globalisation, increasing carbon emissions and an indifference to waste is placing the living world under ever greater strain. Yet cocooned by narratives that further ideas of a nostalgic countryside idyll and driven by our own selfishness we often fail to understand this impact. Predominantly drawing from the Book of Jeremiah's account of Zedekiah's reign (597BC � 585BC) and Jeremiah's psychological turmoil, The Glasshouse is a neo-noir psychological drama that moves away from the explicitly religious and towards the environmental. Asking us to seriously consider the Book�s crux question; what happens to the human race if it forgets where it has come from? The 1920s, the northern moors, and the grandeur of a glasshouse develops a cinematic style that is vibrant yet uncannily surreal � mirroring Morgan's psychological turmoil as well as our own time back at us. Using Zedekiah and Jeremiah's relationship to explore the fluctuating bond between the two sisters, The Glasshouse is not merely a re-telling, but a narrative bold enough to stand on its own and construct a wholly immersive world.