The Fundamentals

Created by emmanuel odusami, The Pitch 2022

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In an East London boxing gym, an inspirational boxing Coach teaches two young protegees the fundamentals of boxing and what it means to be a man until one of his surrogate sons turns out to be a prodigal son. The film is based on the biblical story of The "Prodigal Son". It revolves around two young and upcoming boxers who have been training for years under their father figure coach. One of the boxers leaves his home gym and coach believing he will find success elsewhere. This generates conflict between the two former friends inciting a cause to fight each other in the ring.

Biblical Connection

Before we knew that of the existence of the pitch competition I and my team were developing a story that would switched out a first-century middle east farm for East London boxing gym. Dickens called the story of the Prodigal son the "best short story ever written" which is why every year I know you're inundated with pictures for the Prodigal son. The USPs of my film are: great boxing and character exploration of that is noval while being faith to the text. My team is made up of Christians boxers and filmmakers. As a result, we know that the family structure of a boxing gym mirrors the family structure and loyalty of a farm so it makes a perfect way to shine a light on the story of the Prodigal son like never before. The parable was told to Pharisees who would identified with the "loyal son" who never leaves the farm. Our film is different is that we focus on the "loyal son" (the parable ends without ever saying if the brothers ever reconcile). Our story fills in the blacks and asks the question How do you forgive your brother?